In Romania, a drone is already taking samples from hospitals to the robotic laboratory

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If the drone transportation system proves successful in Bihor County, it will be used more frequently in Romanian healthcare institutions. One example of a drone on display is capable of traveling at 40 km/h and reaching its destination in just six minutes.

Starting from Friday, biological samples from hospitals in Oradea, Romania will be transported by drones to the laboratory at the Bihor County Emergency Hospital, a unique solution in the country, reported by Romanian news agency Agerpres. The director of the county hospital, Gheorghe Carp, stated that if successful, the use of drones could be expanded to include transporting medicine, blood for surgical operations and blood transfusions between healthcare institutions, and potentially implemented in other hospitals in the county.

According to Carp, the county hospital’s robotic laboratory, which was put into use in 2020, has been highly beneficial, resulting in tests being 30% cheaper and results being delivered 68% faster. Carp stated that by quickly delivering samples, the expenses are reduced as there are no personnel costs, no delays, and no complaints. The director emphasized that the border town is the first in Romania to implement innovative solutions in its healthcare system.

The initial drones shipment will take off on Friday, traveling on the route from the city to the hospital, lung sanatorium, obstetrics, and county hospital, taking only six minutes. Rory Houston, a former military pilot and representative of Australian company Sky Network, which is supplying the drones, stated that the X 11 drones have a maximum capacity of 3 kilograms and can travel at 40 km/h. He added that if the program is expanded to Bihor county, the company could provide more advanced drones that can carry heavier loads and reach speeds of 150 km/h.

The Oradea City Council has entered into a partnership agreement with the company, and if the test flight is successful, a public tender will be launched for the long-term use of the drones. The Romanian Civil Aviation Authority is also participating in the pilot project.

Source: Agerpres

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