Heavy duty transport drones

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The drones of the European freight network will be operational from 2022 and will be able to deliver consignments of up to 350 kilos within 24 hours.

Thus, after the Christmas shopping and mailing craze, such news may seem like a breath-taking, especially as we have sent more gifts and other packages by mail or other courier services than usual due to the coronavirus, and a significant part of them only due to serious delays. arrived at its destination. But even regardless of Christmas, the epidemic caused serious transportation problems worldwide, and the distress situation encouraged authorities and businesses alike to seek new solutions. A logical solution was drone-based transportation, which reached an important milestone in November: the world’s first freight drone network was announced. The project, which involved more than 35 airports in 11 European countries, is led by a Bulgarian company, Dronamics, which develops and operates large cargo drones. The top five airports in Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Italy and Sweden will open to the network’s cargo drones. The aim of the company is to provide one-day delivery within the entire European Union within a few years. One of the important experiences of the coronavirus epidemic is that there is a huge need for fast transport and it is not only within big cities but also for more remote communities.

While we may have become accustomed to such a forward-looking tech project usually coming from the Far East, or the United States, now the old continent has flashed a new direction. Europe is a suitable place for this kind of development because, on the one hand, the 2,500-kilometer range of drones can cover the whole continent and, on the other hand, next year the EU will introduce uniform rules on drones, thus breaking down legal barriers for cross-border businesses. Dronamics is expected to launch its 24-hour freight service in 2022. The delivery will be made by Black Swan cargo drones that can handle packages of up to 350 kilograms.

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