Formula 1 is reborn with flying cars

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An Australian entrepreneur has dreamed up the world’s most radical motorsport format and would even start the World Championships next year. The Airspeeder no doubt promises a lot of excitement – maybe too much.

A memorable flight gear race for the first episode of Star Wars could come true if the dream of Alauda Racing comes together and the Airspeeder World Championship really kicks off.

Australian thinkers have combined a monoposto racing car with a racing drone and built an electric, four- or eight-propeller flying coffin that is designed to run at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

The weight / power ratio, according to the developers, is at the level of fighter jets, the 230-kilo, four-meter single-seater can lift up to 900 meters – it’s bad to think what will end if two competitors crash up there.

The test program is scheduled to start later this year, and the tournament could come next year, with ten pilots and five teams.

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