Flying electric car designed by an Israeli startup

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Equipped with 14 propellers and folding wings, the plane was christened Asaka, which means flying bird in Japanese.

Guy Kaplinsky, director of Israeli-based NFT Inc., is confident that automatic flying cars will solve the traffic jams in big cities in the future. For now, wealthy business people are avoiding the challenges of heavy traffic in metropolises like San Francisco with helicopters, but this solution is both complicated and costly.

As an alternative, Kaplinsky is working with his company to develop an automatic flying electric vehicle that would solve the problem for a fraction of the cost of the helicopter solution. Its innovation would also allow commuters living far from the city center to avoid having to spend hours on the roads.

Named the Asaka, the vehicle is planned to be fitted with 14 propellers and folding wings that the driver can open before take-off. The car would be 2 meters wide at idle, but with open wings it can reach a span of up to 12 meters. The NFT aircraft will need a 20-30 meter long lane to land, and three people will be able to transport at a speed of 160-240 kilometers per hour at a time.

Although the vehicle will be electric, you will still need gasoline to charge the batteries. The starting price of the car starts at $ 200-300 thousand, but the company expects it to drop significantly when commercial production begins.

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