Flying cars could be on the road from 2024

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There may be problems with regulation. The timing of when flying cars will be able to fly, and when they might be regulated, varies,” says Hugh Martin, who helps cities develop transport policies at Lacuna Technologies. Several car companies are already developing aerial vehicles, according to the CNBC article. These include Chinese electric car maker Xpeng and Fiat Chrysler.

However, the expert says we should not expect flying vehicles to cruise overhead, as only a few people will be able to afford flying cars, and most people will probably continue to use electric or self-driving cars on the roads. Vehicles that don’t have to be lifted off the ground can be safer and can carry more people, so we don’t really need to think about flying cars as a means of personal transport.

“However, they can be of great use in freight and parcel transport. I think it will be a very big business.” – said Martin, adding that cities are increasingly concerned about how they will handle the future traffic of flying cars. The rules could include where vehicles can take off, land or drive, whether they can fly at any time or only during designated hours, and how far apart cars must be. “Figuring this out will take a long time,” he said.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration and NASA are working with drone and air taxi operators to develop a vision for the future of air transport.

“Instead of having one airport per major city, there are now thousands of airports scattered across cities,” the expert said, describing the current situation.

Source: CNBC

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