Even the U.S. Air Force is helping to develop a flying car

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They supposedly don’t want to walk like in a race of little drones where the industry outside of America has only really grown.

Many people go crazy these days for electric, vertically ascending aircraft. While some say EVTOL is the future in the form of air taxis and air carriers, not everyone is happy if the space above our heads is already covered by vehicles. Until it turns out which side they are more on, the developments are going on with great force. It has also become clear that armies are also interested in technology, as the U.S. Air Force has embarked on developments because it doesn’t want electric flying to be the fate of the tiny drones and then really stock up on China.

Developers are still looking to launch EVTOL technology in military and commercial environments. They do not provide capital and R&D for this (there are said to be so many that it is not needed), but they do provide testing and certification assistance, as well as manufacturing tips and advice on security systems. With all this, I want to make electric aviation and EVTOL connected to the United States.

Over time, in addition to air taxis, the army could also deploy these devices on the battlefield, in a more serious design, of course. The goal is to carry 3 to 8 people, a minimum of 100 miles per hour, for at least 1 hour, and for 200 miles. Such a vehicle can also be useful in disaster situations, fires and medical rescue, even if it is not certain to replace conventional cars. It is currently hoped that by 2023 there will be a working EVTOL vehicle and Uber will start air taxiing between 2023 and 2025.

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