European license for Liberty flying car

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The Dutch PAL-V has been developing the PAL-V (personal aircraft and land vehicle) Liberty for some time, which was eventually licensed for road use in the European Union. This was preceded by months of technical inspections and tests.

The first prototype of the Liberty was unveiled by the Dutch back in 2012 and is touted as the world’s first aircraft. The three-wheeled vehicle can accommodate two people, accelerates to 100 in 9 seconds, has a top speed of 180 km / h and an empty 664 kilograms. Can be used on roads and in the air with a valid pilot’s license.

A runway of 330 meters is required for take-off, the refueling takes approx. It is enough to fly 500 kilometers with one person – it is true that the permits just obtained are only enough for taxis. PAL-V expects that in 2022 the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will also issue permits to fly. The final version of the vehicle may also be available in the store this year.

If you want one in your home, we have to give up: it will be quite difficult to get. On the one hand, the manufacturer wants to produce only 90 pieces of it, and on the other hand it costs 299 thousand euros.

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