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In its revolutionary helicopter of its own design, Hill Helicopters promises easy handling and a flying experience similar to driving a car. The company has recently launched its online configurator, which will add a number of previously announced innovations to the machine.

The startup helicopter manufacturer has revealed new details of its HX50 helicopter, intended as a personal vehicle for the super-rich. It says the cockpit, which will have a design similar to a luxury car, will not only be eye-catching but will also stand out from the rest in terms of features.

Hill Helicopters promises that it will be as easy to operate the HX50 as driving a car, thanks to its in-house designed interior and systems.

The systems are optimised for visual flight requirements (VFR), combining the form of traditional instrumentation with the benefits of digital space. The equipment, which will also communicate with an iPad-based route planner, will display information only when it is needed, significantly reducing the pilot’s workload and not distracting him from the important part of the flight.

However, Hill Helicopters has recently launched its promised online configurator, which allows potential buyers to design exactly what look and equipment they want for their HX50. They can choose the colours of the machine and the interior, or request extras such as seat ventilation, a built-in child seat or an on-board entertainment system.

These can bring the otherwise tax-free base price of £495,000 up by more than a third to £665,000.

But in addition to the creature comforts, a range of technical and safety systems – such as a folding main rotor, a more intuitive cockpit and Home Base Link – add to the list of extras at a hefty premium of up to £25,000 per item. Of the big innovations previously rumoured, the only one that is not at extra cost is the in-house developed GT50 engine, but no other power source is available as an option.

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