Coronavirus is affected and the drone industry

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The Commercial Drone Professional portal, which deals specifically with industrial drone use, has reported a significant surge in interest in the industry in the UK for those who lose their jobs as a result of the pandemic. How do they know that? From the fact that in January alone, a thousand people who became unemployed due to the pandemic applied for a new COPTRZ course, the company said. It is a Central UK company involved in commercial drone training, providing not only education but also hardware solutions, advice and ongoing business support to its clients (including Pfizer, PwC, BMW, Ford, the Department of Defense and several police forces). fire department).

In sectors such as hospitality and aviation, the pandemic has wreaked great havoc, and workers are constantly looking for opportunities in other sectors. And COPTRZ is trying to ride the interest, in a way that benefits everyone: they offer a free e-learning drone management course because they believe COVID-19 will accelerate the growth of the drone sector in the long run. Price Waterhouse Coopers forecasts that the UK drone industry will generate £ 43bn in growth, resulting in a net cost savings of £ 16bn for the economy. By 2030, 628,000 new jobs are expected thanks to this industry.

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