Cadillac flying car

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General Motors has unveiled the idea of ​​a truly futuristic, flying Cadillac that will rise vertically to transport its passengers over the streets. The model was videotaped by Mary Motra, president of General Motors.

The special car, according to the company, is a rethink of the passenger transport of the future. The single-passenger Cadillac (technically a drone) will be able to travel from city roof to city roof at speeds of up to 88 kilometers per hour. The vehicle would operate on a completely stand-alone and electric principle, equipped with a 90-kilowatt engine, an ultralight body and four pairs of rotors. General Motors has not yet revealed more details about the project, so it is not even known when the idea will become a tangible product. Earlier, other automakers, including Toyota, Hyundai and Geely, also presented their future plans for flying vehicles.

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