Australian giant rescue drone

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An Australian company was the first in the world to build an electric air rescue. The structure is fast, long-range and quiet – plus it can be operated from pennies.

The multi-rotor electric air rescue was introduced by the Australian company AMSL Aero. The Vertiia is still a prototype, but extremely promising: cruising speeds of up to 300 kilometers, range of 250 kilometers in pure battery operation, but up to 800 km on a hydrogen fuel cell – these parameters make it fully competitive with helicopters such as the Airbus EC135. The Vertiia is able to take off and land vertically, but it travels like an airplane, making it quieter and more economical than traditional helicopters. In addition, the developers say the cost of maintaining and operating the vehicle will not exceed that of a car. In addition to the pilot, the prototype is suitable for transporting a rescue doctor as well as a patient. The Australian Ambulance Service will soon begin testing the type; if all goes well, the first electric rescuers could be up and running in a few years.

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