At the starting line is Lilium Aviation

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The startup, which is developing an air taxi, plans to be able to travel on the futuristic vehicle for $ 70 by 2025. A prototype of a five-seater air taxi with zero emissions, powered by zero emissions, capable of speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour, was flown near Munich in 2019 – the take-off and landing went smoothly. Since then, the flying car has been under constant development.

Lilium Aviation believes the prototype is already so advanced that it is actually ready for regulatory authentication of safety, redundant systems or other specifications. The vehicle is an alloy of a helicopter and a rigid-wing aircraft in which a computer coordinates the engines. The passenger’s mobile phone is enough to control it, and the plane automatically flies to where the passenger wants. According to the plans, it will be possible to order vehicles from the appropriate telephone application at least 10 minutes, but even a day in advance. Startup commercial director Remo Gerber said in an interview that the service could start in 2025. The five-seater, already unmanned aircraft will cost $ 350 between London and Manchester, meaning freight will cost $ 70 per person. The biggest advantage of an air taxi is that traffic jams in densely populated urban areas have no effect on the Lilium Jet, which already has many potential physical take-offs and landings on the roofs or parks of office buildings in developed cities.

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