ARC Aerosystems’ newest aircraft the Linx P9

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The Linx P9 does not require a runway for take-off and landing, but its shape is different from most VTOLs and helicopters, so it will be able to carry more passengers. ARC Aerosystems’ newest vehicle, the Linx P9, which is still only in concept form, is a rotorcraft that can operate without a runway due to its VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) design, but can carry many more passengers than VTOLs/helicopters due to its larger passenger capacity.

The vehicle’s carbon fibre material makes its structure quite light, which reduces its fuel consumption, and ARC describes plans for several hybrid-electric and twin-turbofan versions, the latter of which will run on sustainable jet fuel, but a hydrogen version may be ready in the future.

Linx P9
Linx P9

The Robb Report also gives an insight into the specifications of the vehicle, which could reach a maximum speed of 370 km/h, but with an average flight speed of around 300 km/h. It will have a flight altitude of 4,000 metres and a range of 30% more than a helicopter of similar size, and a cabin that can carry nine people, or eight passengers.

Development of the Linx P9 is only just beginning with the construction of the first test models, so it will be a long time before the vehicle is in service, but it is planned to have the first commercially available models by 2028, which will offer more environmentally friendly operation than helicopters but with a higher payload capacity than eVTOLs.


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