Amazon starts home delivery with drones

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Amazon, the world’s best-known e-commerce company, begins testing drone delivery in a small town in California. According to TechCrunch, Lockeford, population 3,500, is not only known for being the place where Amazon is beginning live testing of its drone program, but also where Weldon B. Cooke, an early twentieth century aviation pioneer, grew up. Today’s residents can choose from thousands of products they want to receive from the company’s drones – which weigh roughly two and a half kilograms and will fly at 50 miles per hour to customers.

Amazon highlighted that they are also paying close attention to the ride and landing. On the way, their drones will detect both moving and stationary objects, such as planes and chimneys, and automatically alter their route if necessary. Amazon is not the first company in America to offer such a service. Wing drones from Google’s parent company Alphabet have already delivered more than 200,000 packages, but similar experiments by China’s JD have been widely reported in recent years.


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