Airspeeder’s flying cars fly in pairs

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Airspeeder would first improve the technology with remotely piloted aircraft built for racing, and then civilian customers and the era of urban aviation. Airspeeder has taken another big step towards the first flying car racing series. Now they could fly two planes in tandem.

The third version of the Airspeeder shown in the video has a seat and steering wheel, but the pilot is not on board, but at a remote point, controlling his vehicle. This is a logical safety precaution for the first season of the championship: the next step is expected to be in 2022, when pilots will be able to put their skin on the line, not just their technology.

The current third series will soon be followed by a fourth edition, driven by a human driver, and from there the road to civil aviation is clear: the organisers’ ultimate goal is to develop safe, easy-to-use urban passenger and freight vehicles through motorsport. The current third edition’s electric motors are 95 per cent more powerful than the Series 2 prototype, but the weight increase was only 50 per cent. The flying car itself weighs just 100 kg, while the engine power is 96 kW (130 hp). The top speed was capped at 120 km/h, but the vehicle could comfortably do more.

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