A Hungarian company is developing an agricultural drone with a French partner

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MouldTech Systems Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the world’s leading drone development companies, the French Drone Volt, thus giving a boost to precision agriculture in Europe.

According to the Zalaegerszeg-based company, MouldTech Systems will be the exclusive domestic distributor of Drone Volt’s driverless flying device, the Hercules H20, and will launch special crop protection services with the precision sprayer head developed specifically for this vehicle on the basis of the Hungarian company’s patent.

In the future, the two companies will jointly serve the market needs: based on the feedback of their partners and customers, they will jointly lay the foundations for a new generation of agricultural drones. From 2022, MouldTech Systems will start drone production at its Zalaegerszeg factory under licence from the French company, and will also provide drone pilot training and vehicle testing at the DroneMotive competence centre.

MouldTech Systems has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences for the quality assurance and validation of the research and development of agricultural drones at the institution.

The WohnderJet Agro H20 is part of a complex system developed for the agricultural sector, including a multispectral inspection drone and a complete mobile workstation. Its central component is the WohnderJet spray head, an innovation protected by a Hungarian patent, whose operation is based on the perfection of controlled droplet aeration (CDA) technology. It drastically reduces the amount of pesticides released into the environment, which are often harmful in the long term, while significantly increasing the farm’s return on investment and water management efficiency.

The specific characteristics of drone spraying mean that there is no more damage caused by trampling, no more waiting (up to several weeks) due to rain, and no more disruption to fields that were previously difficult to access. This will allow the implementation of precision farming, where the right product is applied in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity.

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