Revolutionising crop production with aircraft

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Ryse Aero Technologies, a US company, introduced a large drone at CES in Las Vegas that can lift off vertically, fly and land vertically and is powered by electricity. The drone, called Recon, is intended to be easy to operate and available to individuals with any level of flying experience or certification.

Ryse Aero Technologies, based in Ohio, is developing a drone specifically for the agricultural industry. The company believes farmers will be able to use the drone to survey their crops and keep track of their fields. The drone, called the Recon aerial ATV, is powered by six electric motors and has carbon blade propellers that rotate at a speed of 2,000 rpm.

The batteries for the rotors can be taken out for charging and the drone can fly for about 25 minutes at a top speed of 101 km/h (63 mph). The drone also has an AI system that keeps it stable while in hover mode, even in winds up to 40 km/h. Additionally, it uses LIDAR technology to avoid obstacles.

Ryse Aero Technologies states that individuals can learn to fly their aircraft within a short period of 45 minutes. They have already conducted tests with farmers and have plans to manufacture 100 planes in 2023, and 1000 in 2024. The aircraft, called the Recon, can be utilized as an alternative to an ATV or utility vehicle on a farm and can be used for crop inspections. The cost of the Recon is projected to be around €150,000.

Source: Futurefarming

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