CycloTech and Yamato reveal innovative cargo eVTOLconcept with CycloRotors

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CycloTech GmbH and Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO: 9064) have successfully completed ajoint feasibility study on applying a new thrust vectoring propulsion technology, namedCycloRotors, to create a mid-class cargo eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraftcapable of precision landing into confined areas and able to handle challenging windconditions, key features for urban airborne logistic operations.

Both parties publish a whitepaper explaining the detailed outcome of this study. White Paper DownloadThe study incorporated two innovative elements:PUPA701 (Pod Unit for Parcel Air-transportation), developed by Yamato, and CycloRotors,an innovative 360° thrust vectoring aviation propulsion system developed by CycloTech.The PUPA701 is part of the PUPA family of detachable and compatible cargo pods to becarried by eVTOL aircrafts or other advanced air vehicles. It enables a separate loading/unloading sequence from the aircraft’s process cycle to secure a safe and fast ground handlingand efficient cargo logistics process.

In the past years, Yamato has conducted multiple R&Defforts for this concept to realize a cargo eVTOL system that is highly feasible and able to beintegrated into existing systems, reflecting its know-how on ground logistics that originatesfrom its century-old business. CycloRotors are based on the same principle as the Voith-Schneider-Propeller, successfullyapplied for decades for highly agile and stable ships in the maritime industry.

The compactdesign and direct and instant control of magnitude and direction of thrust offer a natural, stabletransition from hover to forward flight and superior maneuverability. The unique characteristicsof CycloRotors give vehicle manufacturers unprecedented freedom in designing and operatingaircraft and drones.

For the first time, the unique characteristics of CycloRotors were used to design a missionoptimized unmanned cargo eVTOL, compact in size, stable in windy weather with precisionlanding capability into confined areas of 5 m in diameter, and capable of transporting 45 kgpayload over a distance of 40 km.

The design features a battery powered, distributed electric propulsion system configurationwith 6 omni-directional thrust generating CycloRotors ensuring safety in flight and during take-off and landing, as well as stability in crosswinds of up to 36 kt (18 m/s). Its compact design ofonly 2.7 x 2.5 m square footprint offers unobstructed, ergonomic access to the PUPA701 bay.All operations can be handled from one side, be it loading and unloading the payload, completeswap of the pod or charging or exchanging batteries.

It ensures flexible, fast, safe andergonomic handling, minimizing hazards to the operator or the vehicle. With this, shortturnaround times and easy logistics operation for a highly efficient aerial last-mile delivery canbe performed. The design is based on extensive calculations, wind tunnel testing, and the firstflights of a technology demonstrator.

As the advantage and feasibility of CycloRotor-applied cargo eVTOL aircraft have beensuccessfully discovered, Yamato will accelerate pursuing the realization of a high value-addingairborne logistics operations with the technical premises expanded by this study. CycloTechwill continue creating innovative, customized solutions with CycloRotor technology as acompetent aviation partner to any vehicle company or operating service company in the yearsto come.

Yamato Holdings is a holding company of Yamato Group which contains Yamato Transport,the largest and leading parcel delivery provider in Japan. Since its founding in 1919, thecompany has achieved multiple radical innovations, including the introduction of routetransportation and the introduction of the nationwide popular TA-Q-BIN. The companycontinues to create new values by integrating functions of the group companies into the TA-Q-BIN network.

CycloTech GmbH is the world leading company for aviation propulsion systems based onthe Voith-Schneider-Principle. The Austrian company develops the unique 360° thrustvectoring CycloRotors, a new, sustainable, highly maneuverable propulsion system for thenew air mobility demands of the 21st century. The compact design and instant control ofmagnitude and orientation of the omni-directional thrust of CycloRotors enable easytransition from hover to forward flight regimes, gust control and precision landing, ideal forsafe operation in crowed airspace and confined areas. CycloTech aims at making individualair mobility as normal as driving a car – opening the sky for everyone.


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