An electric passenger plane was tested

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The test was still completed last year, but further test flights continue to this day. A Canadian and an American company reported a successful test of the world’s first all-electric passenger aircraft, even though the aircraft was only in the air for three minutes, MTI writes. The 750-horsepower Magni500-powered seaplane was led by Greg McDougall, founder and president of Harbor Air.

Today we have written history, we are at the dawn of a new age in the history of aviation. This test flight is the first step towards the commercialization of exclusively electric aircraft-MDougall said in a statement.

Several manufacturers are working exclusively to develop electric-powered aircraft, including Boeing and Airbus. MagniX is also affiliated with the Israeli company Eviation, which unveiled a nine-seater electric plane called Alice to the public at an air show in Paris in June. Alice’s first trip is planned for next year.

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