BMW flight suit

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The BMW Group has unveiled the world’s first electric winged flying suit to make humanity’s long-cherished dream of flying like birds come true. BMW i division, Designworks and Austrian “flying suit pilot” extreme athlete Peter Salzmann unveiled the innovative technology in a video on November 10, #NEXTGen 2020.

The #NEXTGen 2020 event aims to showcase a number of new developments in BMW’s portfolio, which, in addition to cars, will also present innovative technologies and visions that typically focus on the field of electric mobility. The Electrified Wingsuit by BMW i is equipped with an extremely powerful, compact and lightweight drive and energy storage that provides a unique flying experience.

The two propellers built into the front of the swimsuit are capable of delivering a total of 15 kW of power per minute at a combined speed of about 15,000 rpm, which ensures flight for about five minutes. The electric drive system is used to increase the performance of the wingsuit for easier gliding, allowing longer distances to be covered.

In the video, Salzmann says that at start-up, the pilot, like electric cars, experiences instant acceleration and can reach speeds of up to 300 km / h with the help of a wingsuit. In the video, Salzmann, along with two other winged pilots, flew between the mountain peaks of Austria and then parachuted at the designated location at the end of the flight.

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