AeroMobil 5.0 flying car

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After ten years of design work, AeroMobil’s latest electric concept aircraft can finally hope for success. A couple of years ago, the engineering company AeroMobil, an engineering company, had literally seen its dreams fall to the ground when the car of the previous plane crashed. One of the prototypes got into an “unexpected situation” during a test flight and crashed.

Fortunately, the pilot of the plane, co-founder Stefan Klein, was not injured, he was sent to the hospital as a precaution: the car’s parachute system worked well, in addition to the pilot, he even partially rescued the vehicle. The company is now back. New electric four-seater VTOL aircraft – Vertical Take-Off and Landing, an aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing, or a flying car-can also serve as a conventional road vehicle when not in the sky.

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